Forbes: 15-Carat ‘De Beers Blue’ Diamond Fetches $57.4 Million in Auction

Forbes - De Beers Blue

As reported by Forbes, the ‘De Beers Blue’, the largest vivid blue diamond ever sold at an auction, fetched approximately $57.4 million which is about $3.8 million per carat, making it one of the highest prices ever achieved for a diamond at auction. The De Beers Cullinan Blue came from a 39.34-carat rough diamond that … Read more

The Cullinan Blue Expected to Break Record-sale History

Nir Livnat - Diacore

The Cullinan Blue diamond, which is expected to fetch more than $US45 million, is believed to be the largest and one of the only five blue diamonds in excess of 10 carats to be auctioned, as reported by Jeweller Magazine.  The gem was discovered in April 2021 at the Cullinan Mines in South Africa by … Read more

The De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond will be Put to Auction for $48 Million

Nir Livnat - The De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

The De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond, which is co-owned by De Beers and Diacore, will go on the block at Sotheby’s Hong Kong at the end of April, it will carry an estimated price tag of $48 million, the highest dollar amount ever placed on a blue diamond at auction. View this post on Instagram A … Read more

Nir Livnat: “We purchased an exceptional 32.32-ct pink rough diamond”

Nir Livnat - Diacore

As reported by ‘Jeweller Magazine’, Diacore Group, led by executive chairman Nir Livnat, has recently acquired a unique and rare pink rough diamond discovered at the Williamson mine in Tanzania. The diamond was part of the 26,000 carats from the mine’s first tender and which was offered in Antwerp in November. “This rare masterpiece of … Read more

Diacore Purchased a Rare Pink Diamond | RAPAPORT

Nir Livnat - RAPAPORT

As reported by RAPAPORT, Diacore, led by its Executive Chairman Nir Livnat, has recently purchased a rare rough 32.32 carats pink diamond, originating from Petra Diamonds’ Williamson mine in Tanzania. This rare gem was acquired for the sum of $13.8 million. “This rare masterpiece of nature is a natural fit to our unique offering as … Read more

A Potentially Internally Flawless 55.50 Carats Diamond Sold by Diacore

Diacore - Nir Livnat

During the Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale, a 55.50-carat diamond, potentially internally flawless and with the optical excellence of an 18th century, Golconda gem was sold by Diacore Diamond Group. This magnificent piece was sold for $5.3 million – which is a price of $95,700 per carat. Nir Livnat, executive chairman of DIacore, said: “It … Read more

Diacore: ‘The Key 10138’ Diamond Sold for Over $12 Million in Cryptocurrency

As reported by ‘Bloomberg’, the 101.38-carat diamond from Diacore, known as ‘The Key 10138’, has made history by being sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $12.3 million in exchange for cryptocurrency, making it the most expensive piece of jewelry sold through such type of payment. For more info, read the full article: Diamond Sold for … Read more

De Beers and Diacore Purchased 39.34 ct Blue Diamond

Nir Livnat - Diacore and De Beers

De Beers Group and Diacore are proud to have partnered for the purchase of an exceptional fancy color diamond, with the purchase of a 39.34-carat blue diamond from Cullinan Diamond Mine for a total purchase price of $ 40.18 million, split equally between the companies. Nir Livnat, Executive Chairman of Diacore, said: “Joining forces with … Read more

Nir Livnat: “We’re excited about the collaboration with De Beers” | Tatler

Nir Livnat - Tatler

On ‘Tatler’ magazine it was reported that Diacore and De Beers collaborated on a recent purchase of a rare 39.34-ct blue diamond from the world-renowned Cullinan Diamond Mine. The two companies purchased the piece for a sum of US $40.18 million. De Beers Announcement on Intagram: View this post on Instagram A post shared by … Read more

Diacore, Led by Nir Livnat, Purchased 204ct Yellow Diamond at a Christie’s Auction | IssueWire

Nir Livnat - The Yellow Dancing Sun Diamond

Nir Livnat, the executive chairman of Diacore, has recently commented on the purchasing of a stunning yellow diamond – named ‘The Yellow Dancing Sun Diamond’ – by Diacore, at a Christie’s New York auction, in an article published by IssueWire. Livnat said: “It delights us to have been able to purchase the fancy intense yellow … Read more