Diacore Purchased a Rare Pink Diamond | RAPAPORT

As reported by RAPAPORT, Diacore, led by its Executive Chairman Nir Livnat, has recently purchased a rare rough 32.32 carats pink diamond, originating from Petra Diamonds’ Williamson mine in Tanzania. This rare gem was acquired for the sum of $13.8 million.

“This rare masterpiece of nature is a natural fit to our unique offering as cutters and marketers of special diamonds,” said Livnat.

This recent purchase is not the first colored diamond Diacore has purchased from the miner. In July, it partnered with De Beers to buy a blue diamond of 39.34 carats from Petra’s Cullinan mine in South Africa for $40.2 million. Last year, the two bought five rough blue diamonds from the same deposit ranging from 9.61 to 25.75 carats for a combined $40.4 million.

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