Nir Livnat Gives Details on a New Diacore and De Beers Collaboration

Nir Livnat - Diacore

In a recent press release published by Prlog, Nir Livnat, Chairman of the Diacore Diamond Group, talked about the purchase of 5 extraordinary  blue diamonds, in a partnership with De Beers.  These amazing diamonds came from The Cullinan Diamond Mine, one of the most renowned diamond mines in the world. The 5 Diamonds Purchased by … Read more

Nir Livnat: Diacore & De Beers Bought 5 Rare Blue Diamonds | RAPAPORT

Diacore & De Beers - Nir Livnat

As recently reported by RAPAPORT, Diacore and De Beers Diamond Group partnered in the purchase of 5 extroridnary blue diamonds from the legendry Cullinan diamond mine, which is the birthplace of numerous breathtaking gems, the most famous being The Cullinan Diamond, which sits within the British Crown Jewels. Watch Images of the Extraoridnary Diamonds: 9.61ct … Read more