Watch: The 102.39 ct Flawless Diamond Full Auction | Nir Livnat

Watch the full auction video of the 102.39 ct D Colour flawless diamond, which was polished by Diacore Diamond Group. As a result of its perfection, the diamond made news after being auctioned without a reserve price, yet it managed to fetch a spectacular HK$121,562,000 (US$156,94870). The Full Auction

Forbes: Sotheby’s Online Auction of a 102.39-carat D-Flawless Diamond

D-Flawless Diamond

A 102.39-carat D-color flawless oval diamond offered by Sotheby’s Hong Kong, says Forbes. The diamond was cut and polished by Diacore, professionals in sourcing, cutting and polishing extraordinary diamonds, Led by the Executive Chairman, Nir Livnat. According to Forbes, the diamond is classified as a Type IIa, the most chemically pure type of diamond. Fewer … Read more

Nir Livnat: The Spectacular D Color Diamond Sale

Nir Livnat Presents the 102.39 ct

Hong Kong has experienced yet another wonder in the rare jewelry auction held at Sotheby’s. The 102.39-carat diamond is one of its kind and is classified as one of the rarest and perfect gems. The diamond, which comes in D color, is flawless, absolutely transparent, and has a perfect oval shape. These features make it … Read more