Nir Livnat: The Spectacular D Color Diamond Sale

Hong Kong has experienced yet another wonder in the rare jewelry auction held at Sotheby’s. The 102.39-carat diamond is one of its kind and is classified as one of the rarest and perfect gems. The diamond, which comes in D color, is flawless, absolutely transparent, and has a perfect oval shape. These features make it an exceptional gem.

As a result of its perfection, the diamond made news after being auctioned without a reserve price, yet it managed to fetch a spectacular HK$121,562,000 (US$156,94870). The auction went live online for the very first time, attracting gemstone collectors from all over the world.

The first bid was placed at HK$1, but this quickly went up to over HK$100m. This was the first time such as high-value gemstone was being auctioned without a reserve price. It, however, managed to fetch more than its value.

Watch a Video of the 102.39-carat diamond:

The Winning Bid

A Japanese collector placed the winning bid via a phone call. The private collector happens to the same person who purchased an equally valuable rare diamond in last year’s auction. He seems to be establishing a family tradition by naming the gems after his daughters. He named the first diamond ‘Manami Star’ after his eldest daughter and the second one ‘Maiko Star’ after his second daughter.

According to Nir Livnat, the executive chairman of Diacore, the latest auction was one of its kind, considering Sotheby’s decided not to have a reserve price. They trusted gemstone collectors’ inherent desire to own the rare gem, and they did not disappoint since they managed to sell it at its reasonable price.

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